The Renaissance Xplorer 2.0

RX2 is the alias of an avid digital art collector and new technologies enthusiast, that has amassed an incredible NFT art collection. Having been challenged to work as an art curator and set up his own digital art exhibits (or Drops), he felt the need to create an identity that would embed his values and mission as an art collector/curator.

From the beginning, RX2 wanted to open/create a new door between two worlds usually looked at as parallels: the Physical world, inhabited by plastic, urban and ephemeral artworks, defined by its materiality and entropic essence; and the Digital world, built with 0’s and 1’s, permanent, editable, replicable and eternally accessible. RX2 aims to push and celebrate the blend between these two worlds through artists and their art: this fusion was the core of the brand’s creation.

The logo and visual identity play with the idea of the intersection between these two worlds, using the “X” diagonals cross to open up a portal: a portal that unfolds in a simple, geometric and modern visual and audible language, allowing us to experience a new way of exploring art in the digital world.

The NFT Art Community’s positive feedback was immediate, as RX2s First Drop (at Nifty Gateway), entitled “221/Two to One” sold all its available art pieces and hundreds of memberships/drop passes for RX2’s future drops.

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